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What is M-PACT?

Motivation is one of the master keys needed in order to open the door that leads to the pathway of becoming a successful writer. Many gifted aspiring, novice, and even seasoned writers relinquish their dreams because of lack of motivation.

M-PACT (Motivated Pens And Creative Thoughts) is a fellowship formed by serious writers of color  for serious writers of color. It is a network created specifically to serve as an effective driving force to push minority writers to reach the pinnicle of their capabilities and success. It is comprised of renowned writers who are nationally known for their craft, as well as novice writers who are destined and determined for greatness.

M-PACT is not a writers workshop or writers critique group; therefore, its purpose is not to teach one how to write. Instead, it is a co-ed FOCUS group. Largely, members of M-PACT have already accepted their calling and are already equipped to get the job done. Members are either already published, or are well on the way to becoming published. Though the vast majority of current M-PACT members are creators of fiction or nonfiction works, the group is not limited to manuscript writers. Membership is open to creative writers of various genres. Whether one writes books, music, songs, poetry, columns, or scripts, he or she can benefit from the "force" of M-PACT.

M-PACT Writers is comprised of members in many different areas around the United States. As a national membership-only organization, M-PACT offers three (3) primary avenues for its members to connect, fellowship, and be empowered. Locally, the members in each area are strongly encouraged to gather together periodically (monthly or bi-monthly) for private in-person sessions wherein the primary aim and focus is to form trusting bonds, motivate each other, and hold one another accountable to the aspirations and goals that have been set for each member's individual career. Nationally, M-PACT members congregate daily (or as needed) online, through a "closed" social networking Facebook group where it is common to chat about whatever subject matters are necessary to keep members encouraged and moving forward in the process of reaching all attainable goals. Finally, M-PACT connects through a specialized Yahoo Group where emails and other communications are exchanged.

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